Polished concrete involves grinding concrete surfaces, until they exhibit a high-gloss finish. It is a multi-step process, and with each level of polishing, comes increased gloss. Depending on your preference, you may choose anywhere from a satin finish to a high gloss finish.

Polishing can be applied to new or old concrete, and it never needs waxing or any additional coatings for the floor to look gorgeous. You may also choose a color or opt for a traditional polished concrete appearance.

Polished concrete floors are extremely durable. They are typically used in commercial buildings e.g. retail stores, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, auto showrooms and office buildings, but these floors are also making their way into private residences, particularly in kitchens, dining rooms and other living areas.

Hold up well, even in high traffic areas, as they will not stain, chip, or discolor.


Can resemble stone or other more costly materials.


Brings out the natural beauty of any type of concrete.


Require little maintenance other than occasional sweeping or moping to remove dust or debris


Creates a high gloss surface that reflects light.


Environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring solution.



Polished concrete floors are beautiful, and they are very low maintenance. If they are not maintained, however, they will eventually lose their shine. This is especially true in areas of high foot traffic. Simply sweep and mop regularly to keep abrasive elements such as dirt and grime, from damaging the floor. It is possible to polish most existing concrete even with flaws such as cracks, holes from tack strips etc. Just remember that polishing doesn’t cover anything, the flaws will still show through after the polishing process is complete.

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“Sealwize did a fabulous job on making sure my concrete would not remain hot to walk on by putting a overlay that looks like sand and helps make my home look more beach like!!! They also did a nice topcoat on my stained concrete. Thank you to your team for being so reliable, friendly and polite during the job! David kept me updated throughout the entire process. They moved all of my furniture and heavy flower pots, did the job and moved everything back. I would definitely recommend Sealwize for any concrete needs!!!! One happy customer!!”

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