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Learn why we are the leader in Oklahoma’s concrete services.


At Sealwize of Oklahoma, we offer a variety of professional services to help you clean, beautify, restore, and maintain the interior and exterior of your property.


For the typical homeowner, the interest is, “How can we spend more time enjoying our home and less time and money maintaining it?”

We provide professional services that reduce interior and exterior maintenance requirements and also add beauty to areas that you know need some attention.

  • Our interior concrete services include staining and/or overlaying, sealing or polishing any room in the house that needs an upgrade, not limited to basements, kitchens and living rooms.
  • Also included in our interior concrete services are our epoxy services, which work great for garage floors and interior rooms. You can choose just about any color with a smooth finish, metallic finish, or a finish with decorative paint flecks.
  • Our exterior concrete services include staining and/or overlaying and sealing driveways, patios, walkways and pool decks.


Reducing maintenance and repair costs are significant concerns for commercial property owners. Our services and products are ideal for providing solutions in this area. While reducing maintenance, our solutions also add a beautifying dimension.
  • Our interior service includes restoring and beautifying warehouse floors, show room floors, office floors, and garages. We offer concrete staining, sealing, polishing, overlays, epoxy and quartz flooring systems.
  • Our exterior service includes repairing and revamping, loading docks, walkways, building entrances, and more. We offer concrete staining, overlays and sealing.


We have been in business for several years, we live here in Oklahoma and we stand behind our work.

Our team has the equipment, knowledge and experience to properly prepare your concrete for our various applications.

You let us know how you intend to use the area, whether it is for entertaining, for kids to play, for easy maintenance, and so on. We will always provide you with options along with their pros and cons.

We have an eye for style and quality. We apply the finishing touches needed to maintain the integrity of your concrete and enhance its beauty for years to come.

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