Sealing any surface is a process with the main purpose being protection. Sealers may serve to enhance the color or gloss of concrete surfaces. Some people prefer if their concrete doesn’t look different, in that case, a clear penetrating sealer will be the way to go. A sealer can be tinted, to add color to dull concrete, the color may also boost the color of already stained or colored concrete. Additionally, sealers come in a variety of levels of gloss. Based on your preference, you may opt for a flat finish, which gives more of a natural look, or you may opt for a high-gloss finish, which gives a polished, reflective appearance. With our high-gloss sealers, we often add grit, which can be added with varying levels of slip resistance.

Increases the concrete's longevity.


Improves overall appearance and curb appeal.


Adds to the value of your property.


Reduces spalling, flaking, and cracking.


Offers protection from oil spills & other stains.


Mold and mildew resistant.



Interior concrete floors should be sealed, not only to beautify your floor, but also to preserve it. The common areas in your home that may need to be sealed include your basement, garage floor, kitchen floor and all other living areas. Sealers used most on interior surfaces, form a protective film on the surface. This allows sealing to provide protection against stains, scuffs and above surface moisture issues.


All exterior concrete should be sealed, pool decks, patios, driveways, entryways, walkways etc. Concrete sealer on external surfaces protect against damage caused by freeze and thaw cycles, deicing salts, dirt and mud, oil stains, tire marks, lawn care chemicals and much more. Sealing will extend the life of your concrete and other surfaces, while keep them looking beautify for many years. The best thing about sealants is that, even when the concrete surface starts to show signs of wear due to exposure to foot traffic and the weather, we can often restore its beauty simply by cleaning and adding a fresh coat of sealer.


Most concrete may need to be resealed every 1 to 3 years, depending on the sealer used and the exposure of the area to the elements. Of greatest importance is the amount of exposure to foot traffic, the sun, moisture, and so on. Typically, you will know that your surface needs to be resealed if: •  Water doesn’t bead when applied to the surface. •  The seal coat has a scratched or dull appearance, or an uneven sheen.


  1. Can I seal old concrete or does it only have to be new concrete? Most sealers are best applied when the concrete has been allowed to fully cure for at least 28 days. Existing concrete can be sealed or resealed at any time. Some manufacturers make sealers specifically formulated for older, more porous concrete.
  2. How much does it cost to seal my concrete? Concrete staining may be economical and we are aligned with the industry “per square foot” cost. The cost may be affected by the size of the area, interior vs exterior surfaces, how much prep work is needed to prepare the concrete, the complexity of your project, and the design if any is requested.

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