EPOXY & Polyaspartics


For garage floors, you choose the color and the finish, you may even choose to add decorative paint flecks, the options of which are endless. Epoxy and polyaspartic floors are not only a great idea for garage floors, but it is also a popular flooring for patios, living rooms and kitchens for residences, as well as for retail stores, warehouses, locker rooms, loading docks and showrooms in commercial settings.

Epoxy and polyaspartic flooring is very economical. What is traditionally considered as a room outside the home is now being transformed into a beautiful addition to your living space. Garages aren’t only for vehicles, they now house man caves, woman caves (aka she sheds), workshops, bedrooms and more. Our floor coating applications upgrade the look of your floor, and they also protect against oil stains, tire marks, spills as they conceal minor imperfections in the concrete.



Exterior polyaspartic floor coatings are as beautiful as they are durable. You have the same color options for your garage floors, available for your exterior concrete areas… the color options are endless!

These floor coating applications conceal minor imperfections in the concrete, while adding color and dimension to your outdoor living spaces.


Dramatically increase the durability of concrete surfaces.

Protects concrete from moisture, stains, grease and cracks.

Best value per square foot for protecting concrete.

Highly resistant to just about everything

Have a longer lifespan than many other floor types.

A great choice to decorate your floors.



Color options are numerous, not only for the base coating, but also for quartz or paint chips which may be added in a variety of patterns to further enhance the look and resilience of your floor. Color flakes provide scratch resistance as well as resistance to foot traffic or vehicles being parked on the floor. For an additional level of resilience, we can add quartz floor coating applications. This floor is typically used in commercial settings where impact resistance is also desired.


With the modern elegance provided by this type of epoxy coating, we have color combinations with endless possibilities. Your floor can literally have a one-of-a-kind look. From a shimmer, with a copper, silver, bronze, pearl appearance, to the appearance of brushed metal or leather, just to name a few of the many color options.


You will love just how quick and easy it is to clean and maintain these floors! A good practice is to sweep or mop regularly. Your floor can resist many substances, but it is not indestructible. Dirt is abrasive, so you cleaning routine should be consistent with your living situation. Spills should be cleaned up immediately, as substances such as battery acid are especially harmful.
To clean tire marks or stains from your floor, use a gentle cleaner, please avoid harsh cleaners, they may be harmful to floor coatings.

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We specialize in interior, exterior, residential and commercial concrete staining. If you need simple staining or you’re interested in decorative staining with colors and designs, we have you covered.

Concrete Sealing

If you’re not going for a dramatic transformation but you would like to protect your concrete, make it easier to clean. Sealing it is a great alternative to consider.

Concrete Polishing

Our polished concrete floors are durable, versatile and eye-catching. You choose the look and finish, from satin to high gloss, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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“Sealwize did a fabulous job on making sure my concrete would not remain hot to walk on by putting a overlay that looks like sand and helps make my home look more beach like!!! They also did a nice topcoat on my stained concrete. Thank you to your team for being so reliable, friendly and polite during the job! David kept me updated throughout the entire process. They moved all of my furniture and heavy flower pots, did the job and moved everything back. I would definitely recommend Sealwize for any concrete needs!!!! One happy customer!!”

Angie Robinson

“Sealwize did a great job! Our garage floor looks fantastic. David and his employees explained what they were doing at each step of the process. All the employees were friendly and professional. Very satisfied with the end results.”

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