Staining concrete is different from painting. Stains typically permeate the concrete, they usually produce permanent color. Acid stains react with the lime in concrete, acetone dye pigment is absorbed into the slab. Some types of stain penetrate more deeply than others, and unfortunately, we don’t pour concrete, so we have no control over the quality and porosity of your new or existing slab. Based on the surface quality and the application technique used, we are able to produce a variety of finishes. The marbleized appearance is our most sought-after finish.

In addition to the beauty provided, they are also long-lasting. Because stains penetrate the concrete surface, most of them have excellent UV stability. This means that they can be used on interior or exterior concrete surfaces, and the color applied will not change depending on exposure to UV rays. Additionally, stains have great wear resistance for high traffic areas, this means, this enables them to be used on walkways, patios, or in living rooms and even the kitchen.

Concrete stains are semi-transparent, which makes them unable to cover the flaws that exist on your concrete floors. They will not conceal cracks, or hide blemishes such as tack strip holes in existing concrete. Also, they will not completely cover an existing color currently in your concrete. All patchwork done to old concrete is highly likely to show through any stain that will be added. Instead, stains can be used to enhance the look of the concrete, imperfections and all. The great news, is that these imperfections can be incorporated into the design of your newly stained concrete floors.

Stains don’t need to be applied only to newly poured and cured concrete. Existing concrete surfaces may be prepared accordingly, giving us the opportunity for color, style and pattern versatility. Concrete staining is economical and we always offer options when we provide you with a free estimate.

Extremely durable as they typically will not chip, fade, or peel.


Creates a smooth surface that is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.


Extremely affordable flooring solution


Transforms ordinary concrete into a luxurious, aesthetically appealing flooring.



If your concrete has imperfections in color or texture, that you would prefer to be concealed, then an overlay, (sometimes referred to as resurfacing) is the perfect option for you. We provide an overlay system that applies a skim coat, approximately 1/16 of an inch thick, which covers older concrete.

Overlays also serve as a layer resistant to damage from deicing salt, lawn care chemicals, UV exposure, freeze-thaw cycles, and so on. Overlays provide us with the opportunity to apply a design to your floor before staining and sealing. This gives your older concrete, both on exterior and interior surfaces, the appearance of freshly poured concrete. The resulting concrete floor can be made to look like marble, flagstone, tile or even stained wood.


The life of your concrete stain can be prolonged by the application of a sealer; sealing is the final step for all of our services. As the surface of the concrete wears away, so too will the stain that has penetrated the surface. The rate of wear often depends on exposure to the sun, ice, snow, moisture, foot traffic, dirt, mud and more. We recommend routinely cleaning the area without harsh chemicals and contacting us every 1-3 years for resealing. See Concrete Sealing.


  1. Can I stain old concrete or does it only have to be new concrete?
    Stains don’t need to be applied only to newly poured and cured concrete. Existing concrete surfaces may be prepared accordingly, giving us the opportunity for color, style and pattern versatility.
  2. How much does it cost to stain my concrete?
    Concrete staining may be economical and we are aligned with the industry “per square foot” cost. The cost may be affected by the size of the area, interior vs exterior surfaces, how much prep work is needed to prepare the concrete, the complexity of your project, and the design if any is requested.

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“Sealwize did a fabulous job on making sure my concrete would not remain hot to walk on by putting a overlay that looks like sand and helps make my home look more beach like!!! They also did a nice topcoat on my stained concrete. Thank you to your team for being so reliable, friendly and polite during the job! David kept me updated throughout the entire process. They moved all of my furniture and heavy flower pots, did the job and moved everything back. I would definitely recommend Sealwize for any concrete needs!!!! One happy customer!!”

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“Sealwize did a great job! Our garage floor looks fantastic. David and his employees explained what they were doing at each step of the process. All the employees were friendly and professional. Very satisfied with the end results.”

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